Policy & Procedures

An investment in knowledge always 

pays the best interest! - Benjamin Franklin

Almost every employer has policies governing the fundamental aspects of its relationship with employees, such as wage and hour issues, work rules, and discipline. While an employer may formally express some policies in writing, other policies may simply stem from historical practice.

Some of the main advantages of a adopting an employee handbook are:
Establishing uniform, well-defined standards
Communicating and introducing employer to employees.  
A handbook gives a common understanding and expectations regarding employer standards

Reducing the risk of employee lawsuits

Every employer should have a formal written employee handbook. In fact, an employee handbook is one of the most important employment records an employer can maintain.

Employee handbooks take time and effort to draft, and maintain.  Let Stone Bridge Personnel Services help you create or revise your policies and procedures to ensure a well defined work environment. 

This is a process that YOU can NOT afford to skip.


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